Cultural Heritage Digest – Week of 4/12/20

Links to interesting cultural heritage-related news and articles I have read in the past week.

+ Today (April 18th) is World Heritage Day. Consider donating to ICOMOS or World Monuments Fund to help protect our heritage.

+ National Trust for Historic Preservation, released a report finding that approximately 7.5 million small businesses are in danger of closing over the next five months if they do not quickly receive financial relief.

+ April 18- 26 is National Park Week. Explore the parks virtually.

+ ‘The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring,’ by Vincent van Gogh was stolen from the Singer Laren museum, located outside of Amsterdam, taking advantage of an empty cultural institution during the Covid-19 crisis.

+ Check out these virtual tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here and here. Also, here’s how UNESCO World Heritage is addressing the Covid-19 crisis.

+ Sad news about a fire in one of Haiti’s oldest churches. The Haitian people and their heritage have suffered so much in the last decade, also suffering previously from earthquakes.

+ The archaeological Al-Qobaa fortress in Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen has been bombed by Houthi militia. Yemen’s Ministry of Culture is asking international cultural agencies, like ICOMOS and UNESCO, to condemn these actions against culture.

+ Now more than ever, we have time to appreciate art and our environments.

+ Tourism is the sector that has been hit the hardest by COVID-19. The World Tourism Organization is calling innovators and entrepreneurs to put forward new solutions to help the tourism sector recover from COVID-19. Apply by April 22.

Main image: Main Street America

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