Cultural Heritage Digest – Week of 4/20/20

Links to interesting cultural heritage-related news and articles I have read in the past week.

+ Call for posters or videos to promote the he value of cultural heritage and in supporting its public recognition. Abstracts due May 20th.

+ UNESCO and ICCROM initiate a capacity building program for the reconstruction of Mosul’s cultural heritage. The program will train local professionals and craftspeople of various disciplines.

+ I’ve been enjoying reading these one-slide lectures on

+ Have cocktails with a curator (virtually) at the Frick.

+ The Faro Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society opts for an enhanced definition of heritage that focuses community driven values and approaches. Read their new brochure.

+ You’ve probably already have seen these photos posted on social media, but the Getty is asking people to engage in art by recreating artworks with items they have at home.

+ Interesting history of a removed and well-traveled cast iron facade that is finally restorated again in SoHo.

+ NYC Landmarks Commission is now utilizing Zoom and YouTube video channels for its public hearings in the face of Covid-19. NYC Landmarks is also celebrating its 55 year anniversary.

+ Will the sustainable travel movement survive coronavirus?

+ More virtual World Heritage Sites to explore.

+ The impact of Covid-19 at World Heritage Sites in India. We can’t forget the chain of effects and the amount of people involved in the tourism industry surrounding heritage sites.

+ My first time hearing about the Rock in Europe, which focuses on “the development of a shared multi-cultural, multi-heritage and multi-stakeholders city vision, which integrates heritage-led regeneration, sustainable economic development, city promotion,and knowledge sharing.” Learn more.

+ The Dolomites are under threat of climate change. This battle of tourism at heritage sites seen at many other sites. New management tatics and sustainable practices will need to be put in place in order to balance the preservation of the environmental, tangible and intangible heritage with the needs of economy that increased tourism brings to the surrounding community.

+ How the Travel Industry Is Becoming More Eco-Friendly.

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